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A polyu Beamer template

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About This Theme

This a beamer theme created for The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.


  1. Need Beamer (of course)
  2. Need picins package in


  • “compress” option is recommended. It provides a short header and information about slides structure.
  • “minimal” option provides a simplest framework.
  • “nonav” can suppress the navigating buttons on lower right-hand corner.
  • “red” option is the default and the only implemented color option.
  • “gold” option is not ready. It is inspired by the 75th anniversary ceremony. The link to the guidelines are found but dead. I am trying to get the access.
  • “blue” option is ready. It is inspired by the Computing Department 45th anniversary logo.
  • “numbers” option is the page number on the bottom left-hand corner.
  • “nologo” option enables the solo usage of color theme without PolyU logos on title page and headers.
  • “polyu” option is default option and it enables whether it exist or not.
  • “comp” option is to include the computing logo in the title page and the head banner.
  • “forty” option is to use the Computing Department 40th anniversary logo in the title page and the head banner.
  • “seventyfive” option is to use the PolyU 75th anniversary logo in the title page and the head banner.


  • CTeX suite was the design target, and CJK is used for the Chinese support.
  • Now it will change to be compiled with texlive 2012 or above.

About the design


The layout of this theme is based on the work done by Jorg Cassens and Till Tantau as shown in themes/theme/beamerthemeHongKong.sty.

This PolyU theme is a modification of the NTNU Beamer theme. The general layout is same. The only differences are the color set and logos.

The aim of this modification is to create a nice and tidy PolyU theme using NTNU or the shadow style.


  • The majority of colors are various kinds of deep and light brick red.
  • The RGB values are extracted from PolyU official website before. Though I asked computing office for these files, I got nothing.
  • Now PolyU VI standard is found, but only a little is added into this theme. More needs to be done.
    1. Update color values according to the PolyU VI.
    2. Check PolyU standard PPT template. Though the whole design will maintain, defects and false usage of polyu elements should be fixed.

The traditional PolyU theme with the red color and the polyu logo

COMP 40 Anniversary Theme comp and forty

The new banners and logos

New cmputing logo

Computing 40th anniversary logo

And new color called blue

  • polyublue (0, 140, 215) #008C7D.
  • polyugreen (143, 195,32) #8FC320.
  • polyuicyblue(83, 195,241) #53C3F1.

comp and blue

An example with comp logo and blue color

forty and blue

An example with the forty logo and the blue color

polyu, forty and blue

An example with both the forty and the polyu logos and the blue color

polyu, comp and red

An example with both the comp and the polyu logos and the red color

Actually, there are may different combinations. Just have fun.

PolyU 75 Anniversary Theme seventyfive and gold

The PolyU 75th anniversary logo

An example with both the seventyfive logos and the gold color


  1. Update with PolyU VI.
  2. Add a gold setting following PolyU’s 75th Anniversary color style. found the guidelines link https://www2.polyu.edu.hk/Script/staff/cpa/Staff/75th_Guidelines/ in this page http://www.polyu.edu.hk/cpa/75thanniversary/index.php?route=gallery/seventyfivethanniversaryidentity. Have to contact ITS. If this attempt failed, the logo was designed by Mr Freeman Lau Siu-hong. Try to contact him.
  3. Fine tuning of the color and other config.