Reference Management Tools

List of tools

  • Zotero: Free and payment for a larger storage
  • Mendeley: Free and a payment solution upgrade
  • NoteExpress (中文版): $128/$68 (edu)/¥398/¥198(学生版)。中文文献支持非常好。没有在线同步,只有本地存储。
  • Refworks: Library license
  • Jabref: Bib file editor
  • Endnote: Business license



  • Sync: manual
  • Free
  • Storage: 300 MB
  • Edit Style: CSL
  • Citation Info Collect: Address bar, snapshot the webpage and download the pdf simultaneously
  • PDF: Attachement
  • Cooperation: Basic
  • Supported Sites: All


  • Sync: Auto
  • Free Storage: 2 GB
  • Edit Style: CSL
  • Citation Info Collect: Favorate bar and PDF
  • PDF: Attachment and meta info (However, the meta info is wrong or not accurate in most times.)
  • Cooperation: Various Grouping and sharing
  • Supported Sites: Most


  • Sync: Online
  • Free Storage: Free online
  • Edit Style: Manual
  • Citation Info Collect: Text and File
  • PDF: Attachment
  • Cooperation: Can be shared
  • Supported Sites: Academic Only