Software Testing

Comp5222 and thoughts on software testing.


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New Refs

  1. Black, R., Pragmatic Software Testing: Becoming An Effective and Efficient Test Professional, Wiley, 2007 in douban and also can be found here
  2. IEEE Std. 829, 1008, 1012, 1059, 1028, 1044 (These can be found below.)
  3. Whittaker, J.A., How to break software, Addison-Wesley, 2003 in douban
  4. How Google do their testing?
  5. Software Testing and Quality Bookshelf
  6. Software QA Tesing and Test Tool Resources

Software Product Quality


Rapid Testing in lib in douban

  • A Waterfall Test Process
    • Requirements Analysis
    • Test Planning
    • Test Design, Implementation, and Debugging
    • System Test
    • Acceptance Test
    • Maintenance
  • The parts and chapters construct a framework of testing.
  • But the whole book focuses on waterfall test process.
  • It would be a good text book, but a little old fashioned.

Testing Computer Software in lib in douban

  • It is full of detailed forms and tips
  • A very practical and useful handbook
  • All the infomation is in pieces. Every page is filled by bullets and forms. Very difficult to read.

Testing Applications on the Web in lib in douban in iask

  • The content is different with other books.
  • It includes Network(TCP and HTTP xml) and Database testing.
  • But it is a little old, the http protocol, the database and the testing script language.

Lessons Learned in Software Testing in lib in douban Chinese translation in iask

  • Q&As about testing
  • Sensitive and emotional


  1. IEEE Std. 829, IEEE Standard for Software and System Test Documentation
  2. IEEE Std. 1008, IEEE Standard for Software Unit Testing
  3. IEEE Std. 1012, IEEE Standard for Software Verification and Validation
  4. IEEE Std. 1059, IEEE Guide for Software Verification and Validation Plans
  5. IEEE Std. 1028, IEEE Standard for Software Reviews and Audits
  6. IEEE Std. 1044, IEEE Standard Classification for Software Anomalies

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