• Palmprint Recognition Device Based on Ti DM642 DSP, with Luo Nan and Zhenhua Guo

  • 3D Palmprint Device Based on Structured Light with Ti DSP, Altera FPGA, and Samsung ARM, with Luo Nan

  • Multi-channel Odor Sensing Board with USB Interface Based on CY7C68013A, with Dongmin Guo

  • CBS: Cancellable (Def, App, Study 1, Study 2), disposable, and short-time Biometric System (Preparing)

  • RING (Brain storming)

  • Stick (Brain storming)

Academic Publications

Patents / 专利

1. 门把形握姿人手图像采集装置及握姿人手图像识别系统
A Door Knob Hand Image Capturing Device and A Hand Image Recognition System
2. 一种人体掌纹图像采集装置及处理方法
A Human Palmprint Image Collection Apparatus and A Processing Method
  • 已授权 (Granted)
  • 专利号: ZL 20110362063.8
  • China Patent CN102521584 (A) / CN102521584 (B)
  • Code Name: LPS
  • Site
3. 圆筒内外壁加工精度在线成像检测装置及在线成像检测方法
On-line Imaging Detection Device and Method for Cylindrical Internal and External Wall Machining
  • 已授权 (Granted)
  • 专利号: ZL 200610155870.1
  • China Patent CN101101197 (A) / CN100498211 (C)
4. 圆筒内外壁加工精度在线成像检测装置
Cylinder Inside and Outside Wall Machine Precision On-line Image-forming Testing Apparatus
  • 已授权 (Granted)
  • 专利号: ZL 200620168791.X
  • China Patent CN201034557 (Y)

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