Door Knob Hand Recognition System

Xiaofeng QU

English \( \qquad \) 中文

DKHRS Door Knob Hand Recognition System

The prototype Door Knob Hand Recognition System Prototype

Working Scenario Working Scenario


Ergonomic Biometrics Design Model

Four Principles of EBD Model

EBD model EBD Model

Door Knob Hand Recognition System

“Reinvent the Door Knob”, it is not a new biometrics, but is a new door knob.

The basic idea The basic idea

“Open the door just like it is not locked.”


Conventional imaging scheme Conventional imaging scheme

Catadioptric imaging scheme Catadioptric imaging scheme

Door Knob Imaging scheme Door Knob Imaging scheme

Feature Extraction and Classification


Calibration System Calibration

Ring area The area of hand

Feature Extraction

LGBPHS Method Local Gabor Binary Pattern Histogram Sequence

Projective Dictionary Pair Learning

See DPL and DPL Supplementary.






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