Metric Learning

Online Resources for metric learning.

Professor Dacheng Tao

Research Code


by Liu Yang and Prof. Rong Jin

A Matlab Toolkit for Distance Metric Learning

Reproducible Research in Computational Science

by Xin Li

Semi-Supervised Learning Software

by Jake Yang and Xiaojin Zhu

南京大学 - 机器学习与数据挖掘研究所

Sparse metric learning and others

by Yiming Ying

[MATLAB and Octave Functions

for Computer Vision and Image Processing]( ###
by Peter Kovesi

Unconstrained Optimization of Differentiable Real-valued Multivariate Functions

by Mark Schmidt

LFW : Results

Matlab Toolbox

Machine Learning with MATLAB

by Abhishek Gupta

Deep Learning Toolbox

by Rasmus Berg Palm

Multi Class Support Vector Machine

by Anand Mishra

Computing Pairwise Distances and Metrics

by Dahua Lin

Online Video

Distance Metric Learning for Kernel Machines

by Kilian Weinberger