Ruby Config

Ruby environment settings.



Support Libraries

Ruby on Windows


  • RubyInstaller, just next

  • DevKit

    • unpack devkit

    • configure

      ruby dk.rb init
      ruby dk.rb review
      ruby dk.rb install

  • install ImageMagick(dll version only?)

    • config path

      set CPATH = path/to/ImageMagick/include;$CPATH$
      set LIBRARY_PATH = path/to/ImageMagick/lib;$LD_LIBRARY_PATH$
      set PATH = path/to/ImageMagick;$PATH$

    • install gems

      gem install rmagick

  • install frequently used gems

    gem install fileutils rake pik OptionParser win32-service win32-process win32-changenotify win32-clipboard win32-dir win32-event win32-eventlog win32-ipc win32-mmap win32-mutex win32-sapi win32-shortcut win32-sound

Ruby with Qt and OpenCV bindings

  • Add Qt, OpenCV, mingw32-gcc ENV

    PATH = QtSDK/Desktop/Qt/4.8.1/mingw/bin;PATH
    PATH = opencv/build/x86/mingw/bin;PATH
    PATH = QtSDK/mingw/bin;PATH

  • Clone the repo

    git clone

  • Build using MSYS env(devkit/msys.bat)

    cd /c/path/to/ruby-opencv
    ruby extconf.rb –with-opencv-dir=/c/path/to/opencv/install/mingw
    make install

not working lib conflict.


Version Control

  • pik, windows Ruby versions controller.

  • rake, Ruby compiler.


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