Jekyll Notes

Some tips and tricks of jekyll. Windows is still not a best develop platform. I have to tweak a little to run jekyll smoothly. Here are the notes for myself, and also for other people who may encounter similar problems.



  • install Railsinstaller
    • gem update and install many gems …
  • install Python 2.7.3
  • install easy_install for python 2.7
    • in python273/Script forlder
    • add this folder(“C:\Python27\Scripts” by default) to system PATH
  • install pygments

    easy_install pygments

add _post_url_, the relative internal links to post

  • follow this guide
  • download post_url.rb file here
  • the post_url.rb file should be put into this folder

  • the format is showed below as addressed in this thread

Syntax: {% post_url 2012-06-28-name-of-post %}. Useful for: [Some Link]({% post_url 2012-06-28-name-of-post %})
  • And due to the relative-pathing of my blog, the actual link should be like this

[example to this post]({{ site.url }}{% post_url 2012-06-28-jekyll-notes %})

Liquid guide

  • And the patch under windows

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